December Photo A Day [22nd-31st]

Sorry I got behind, with my family visiting the weekend of December 13th and then the passing of my grandma, things got a bit behind around here. Although, I’m done with December and not doing January’s photo-a-day, don’t forget to check out my site’s Facebook page at The Life I’m Living and my twitter, sh0rtensweet.

December 22nd: sparkly [Ever since 2006, the day
after Christmas I buy us an ornament, this was for 2012]

December 23rd: December 23rd: #tradition I think this is the
third year now that I’ve had us have our own wrapping paper

December 24th: December 24th: wrapped
[only gift I brought to NY because I couldn't wait for it]

December 25th: bestbitofyourday [or well mine, lol. Just chillin' with the kids :)
playing with the toys they got from grandma & grandpa. Merry Christmas]

December 26th: where you slept [on an air mattress in the living room, better than a hotel though!]

December 27th: what you’re doing now [having my baby girl practice counting she loves it]

December 28th: something awesome [my hometown, I  miss my family & friends there,
the lake & river, and of course beautiful the sunsets]

December 29th: reflect best bit of 2013 [our many adventures]

December 30th: you

December 31st: celebrate [yea I'm lame, lol! This month was very
hectic so I didn't plan for anything.]

I may do February’s photo-a-day challenge, but we’ll see how busy I am by then =P


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December Photo A Day [15th-21st]

Don’t forget to see them upload daily on my Facebook page at The Life I’m Living or on my twitter, sh0rtensweet.

December 15th: Lights

December 16th: Makes You Feel Merry [hot chocolate & Parenthood]

December 17th: Tree

December 18th: Big [imagination - Disney Infinity]

December 19th: ‘Tis The Season To [bake!]

December 20th: I’m Listening To [my kids playing in the...leaves?! doesn't feel right]

December 21st: On The Door [well not yet & well it won't be this year]

Since I had a post on Friday, I decided to have this moved to Monday, next week’s will be posted on Friday!




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Dealing With Death as a Military Family

Military families or for other reasons that people don’t live close to their families may know how hard this situation is. I grew up in a small city until just before I turned 21. It has been 6 years since and it’s still hard not being able to drive 5-10 minutes to see my family.
I guess I can say it’s gotten easier. A big reason is we are now just an 8 hour drive from home, I will always call it home :) Some of you I’m sure are thinking “just an 8 hour drive!?” Yep, and that is because it use to be 21 hours to drive home. We stopped half way of course, but I whole heartily say, I do NOT miss that distance.
The 21st of this month my dad’s side of the family had their Christmas party. My dad’s mom who lives in Vermont was in town. Sadly, I couldn’t be there, this time of the year our hometown usually has a ton of snow. Three to five FEET is normal to us, but since my husband is in the military he only has so many days off of work & we don’t want him getting in trouble if we got stuck there. So the night of the 21st, I started to work on finishing my peanut butter balls when my phone rang. It was my cousin, Amber, I thought, “oh, she’s calling so I can talk to grandma and everyone at the party.” Then I heard Amber balling, talk about making you stop in your tracks :( She said grandma had a heart attack and then I couldn’t really understand her and then those dreaded words we’re said…she passed away :’(
That afternoon, I checked the mail and received her Christmas card and talked to her just last week about seeing her next summer. My heart has been aching and it’s felt so unreal. My grandma was healthy, fit, and not even 70. Never have I wondered “why?”, so much in my life :(
IMG_3513 copy
I do the same thing with my cards, it’s the little things <3
Still not sure if she had a heart attack, but did find out she had an aneurism in her stomach. There was no saving her :’( Not being there, is the hardest part. Not being with my dad, my cousins, & everyone during such a difficult time in our lives hurts. If you’ve been there, then you know, it’s a whole new level of hurt :(
I typed this the 22nd, but didn’t want it posting until today because, I very thankfully am getting to go home. Now that we are so much closer, it’s easier and more affordable to be able to go. Although, it’s for the worse reason, I am thankful I will be there for the services and get to be with my family <3

Always tell those you love and care about, how much they mean to you. My cousin said this to me, “It doesn’t seem possible or real, you just always assume they will be there, or be 90 and senile first, not happy and living.” I couldn’t have said it better. Cherish every moment you have with your family, friends, and the world!


I hope everyone had a blessed Christmas and has a fun New Years! Stay safe & take care!



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December Photo a Day [8-14]

Don’t forget to see them upload daily on my Facebook page at The Life I’m Living or on my twitter, sh0rtensweet.


December 8th: I Shop Here

December 9th: The Weather Today

December 10th: R if For [real life/reality]

December 11th: Green [ugly kitchen, lol]

December 12th: Joy Is [spending an early Christmas with family]

December 13th: Composition

December 14th: Drink


More next Friday!



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December 2013 Photo a Day [1st-7th]

If you’ve never heard of or done a “photo a day challenge” here’s an explanation from fatmumslim, it’s about this month, but I’m pretty sure she has one for every month. It’s a lot of fun and cool to see what others share as well. Back in 2010 I did the 365 photo a day challenge, but it was tough, and nobody’s got time for that! HAHA!

Each week I’m going to share the past week of photos I’ve taken, but if you’d like to see them daily, follow my Facebook page at The Life I’m Living. Or, I’m shgaring them on my twitter as well, sh0rtensweet. Oh, and they won’t be the best quality since I’m using my Iphone for them, but hey, you get the point, lol!

Here are my photos:

December 1st: Red

December 2nd: Where I Stood

December 3rd: Silver

December 4th: Tiny

December 5th: In the Cupboard

December 6th: Shadow

December 7th: 6 O’clock

Is anyone else partaking in this month’s Photo a Day challenge? If so, share where you are, I’d love to check it out! 8)



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Was it Worth the Wait?

Sorry it’s been awhile since I wrote and I haven’t been keeping up like I wanted to. It’s just been crazy hectic around here. We closed the 5th, left for NY the 16th, got back the 22nd, and have been nonstop painting, fixing, unpacking, organizing, & cleaning!

To answer my title…surprisingly yes! Even with all the craziness it was well worth it! We closed on our Maryland house on November 5th and our Nebraska house closed November 8th! BOTH closed in the SAME week! It was AH-mazing! =P Also, we found out as were closing on our Maryland house that our lender got us a lower rate! We ended up with a 3.75%, when we thought it was going to be 4.25%! The house we got was a fantastic price, has 4 bedrooms like I wanted, I wouldn’t give that up (wanted that or at least space to make a 4th), nice location, the county we wanted because it has the better schools and commute for my husband, and it’s 2 levels. I have been feeling very blessed and plain o’ lucky for all of this. There were many times I felt our hard times were never going to end and got very upset, but we all survived and are very happy with the results! :)

IMG_3379 copy

It has already been a month since we closed on our house and it’s been wonderful! Since then we have:

-painted 5 rooms (6th is half done) & a closet
-my husband put in 2 new toilets
-he also hung a new medicine cabinet
-he took some sheetrock down, put new sheetrock up & it looks fantastic!
-we (mostly the hubby) put up a closet system in our closet
-we had visitors, my mom & cousin Justin
-we went to NY for a week, great visit!
-got our daughter a new bed, husband put it together
-he also replaced some PVC pipes for our sink
-got a wood splitter & thanks to an awesome neighbor we have some free wood for our woodstove. Another neighbor also gave us 2 wheelbarrows full of wood. My husband has started a nice stack for us.
During all of this we haven’t touched our savings once! Yaa for saving & budgeting! And, better yet, we have more money coming to us from our Nebraska escrow, SWEET! We don’t really have much left that I’d like to get done either :) . I’m hoping to paint the downstairs bathroom, it has a claw foot tub and there isn’t much space behind it and being short I have to at least use a step stool in there to paint. Not quite sure how I’m going to paint the back wall yet :/ My mom and cousin are visiting again next weekend and so I’m working on the guestroom/my craft room right now so that’s ready for them and not smelling of paint fumes, lol! I also want that bathroom done so they can use it. Other than that I’ll eventually paint the main bathroom, kitchen, living room, and family room. Those, I can wait on though since after the guestroom and the bathroom I have to finish unpacking my craft stuff, pictures, and some other random stuff to check to see if it’s okay or not. If it isn’t, which sadly some stuff hasn’t been, then we have until the beginning of January, I’m pretty sure, to report it.

I’m going to try to get back to posting every Monday and Friday! Sorry again for those that actually read this, haha, that I haven’t been on top of it. As you know though, I’ve been a tad busy ;)


I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving! Who’s ready for Christmas?




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We Finally Closed on Our Maryland House!!!

Sorry I haven’t written, but the title should explain why ;) But here is a recap of how last week went:


Sunday November 3rd: Went back to base lodging, could book until Thursday, so we did.

Monday the 4th: water sample brought to lab.

Tuesday the 5th: the water was FINALLY clean!
Got to close on the house at 4:30 that night!
Went to dinner.
Then to Lowe’s & bought a ton of paint! :D
Slept in the house on air mattresses!

Wednesday the 6th: painted the master bedroom.
Went to Ikea, order our daughter’s bed & a couple other things.
Painted her room that night!

Thursday the 7th: my mom and cousin, Justin, came to help & visit!

Friday the 8th: After just shy of 6 months (they took it from Nebraska May 14th!) we finally got our stuff back!
Started to unpack! My goal was the kitchen!
Went to dinner at a local restaurant, service was awesome! & great food!


Saturday the 9th: Went to base to get mail, had to make sure we had our rent check for the NE house.
Scentsy order came in, just in time for Justin to take our grandma’s order to her :)
Had lunch on base & went to some stores.
Did a ton of unpacking, mainly focused on the kitchen to finish it up.

Sunday the 10th: After lunch we went to Best Buy & the mall.
My mom & Justin got to try Menchie’s, we had $5 to use on our account 8)
Set up internet =P

Monday the 11th: my mom & Justin left early in the morning.
We went to Red Robin for lunch since my husband is in the military, he got a free burger 8)
Then we did MORE shopping at Lowe’s. They’ll know us by name soon ;)
We both got free coffee from Starbucks for Veteran’s Day.
Stopped at Wal-Mart to get a few more things…never ending shopping right now, lol!

Tuesday the 12th: Hubby went back to work & I started to paint our son’s room!
Our daughter’s new bed got delivered.
Also, I worked on emptying our suitcases and putting clothes away.

Today, the 13th: I have WIC to change county’s 8)
Setting our daughter’s bed up!
And of course, unpack and try to organize more =P


I will write more later, just wanted to do a quick update! :D



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Halloween at the White House!

Even though we had to spend Halloween in a hotel, I had to share that my kiddos got to go trick-or-treating at the White House! How awesome is that?! Although, they don’t quite understand, it will be something they will get to say they did. It was a very cool experience for us as well.

IMG_3325 copy copy IMG_3326 copy

They had some cool decorations and fun performers! Of course it was a long wait, but first we can have some amazing well behaved children! They were in the stroller as we walked the line and they even saw kids playing and didn’t whine. They have their days, but it always makes it easier at events when they behave. Second, it was a quick walk by and the kids getting candy from the President and First Lady, but all was worth it!

Oh yea, this was our first time in D.C.! haha! Also, for those wondering, this event was for the public and military families, no idea how everyone got there tickets, but they were free. We thankfully got to go at the same time as my husband’s co-workers. They met us at the metro, our first time on that as well, and helped us to buy our fares and how the rails worked. My husband and I looked online before hand and it seemed pretty easy, but once you’re there you’re trying to hurry and figure out which rail to take since there are so many different ones. One station we had to transfer at, it had at least 3 levels, which was interesting, especially since we both had strollers. Yes there are elevators, but you bet we used the escalators a lot, lol!

Any ways, just wanted to share our experience real quick with some photos!

IMG_3321 copy

IMG_3329 copy

IMG_3332 copy

IMG_3335 copy


I’ll write more this week :)



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Murphy’s Law is The Story of My Life

Well by now I should be use to this, but I’m not and I’m becoming furious! I don’t need this, my children and husband, don’t need this! Please, just please tell me why this is happening to us? I don’t think we’re bad people? :(

Yep, of course on Wednesday we found out the well test failed yet again! Our realtor said we want it done professionally since they were doing it themselves. They were told normal bleach was ok, but the company’s is at least 10 times stronger! We had hoped they could get the rest done on Saturday and maybe close on Monday or Tuesday. The company was going Wednesday to put the chlorine into the well. Then it has to sit for so many hours, then the water has to run for like 8 hours to get the chlorine out, and then it can be tested. Sunday they will be getting the sample and that will go to the lab early Monday. That brings us to getting the results on Tuesday morning and we MIGHT be able to close Tuesday night or else Wednesday. That is of course if the water is FINALLY clean! >:-O

Oh, but it didn’t end there. Of course it wouldn’t for us. My husband then went to the front desk to see if they had room until next Tuesday night. Currently we are waiting and hoping for a cancellation or else we’ll be leaving here today. I called base in hopes that they might have a pet friendly room open, they always fill fast. The soonest was Sunday, so that’s booked from then until Wednesday night. So…yea, looks like we may be going to another hotel and then back to base which would bring us to the 6th…yep, 6th place we’ve had to live during the past 6 months. Oh yea, that’s right, we’ve been living out of hotels for about HALF A YEAR!!!!!!

But wait, there’s more! Hopefully our stuff can be delivered shortly after we finally close on the house…if that EVER happens! If it gets pushed back any further we’re going to have to pay for the storage because we got 3 months free, then thankfully got it extended for another 3 months for free, after that it’s on us!

Can this be over yet?! Because I am beyond done with this mess! :(



 Yea…that’s my life…



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The Never Ending Closings

Found out Monday that the sellers had the well retest scheduled for yesterday so we would find out results today which means MAYBE we can close tomorrow. We had to wait all Monday to see if the title company had any time slots to do the closing Thursday since the last day of the month is when everyone wants to close. The closer to the end of the month the less interest you pay per day, about $32 for us. So if we close early November, we’ll have to pay an extra $32 a day for that month, boo. If they wouldn’t have taken their time in retesting it we possibly wouldn’t have been in this situation. Then of course it comes to, if the water is clean or not. If not, they have to shock it again, run it for like 8 hours to get the chlorine out, and then retest it again.

On top of all that mess, I asked our contact for our stuff in storage if we close Thursday if we can have it delivered Friday. Nope, the soonest is the 4th! AH! So that’s scheduled for that day as of now…so so so PRAYING that we close this week! I’m already bummed that we won’t have our stuff for Halloween, which means no costumes for the husband and I, since we didn’t really want to buy any for 1 night (we haven’t heard of any parties so no point in us spending $50-$60 EACH on a costume for one night) and now I have to get the kids bags since they won’t have their personalized ones we’ve used for the past two years. Yes, I know there are cheap ones out there, but it’s one less thing to buy, and plus their bags are really nice.

I’m at the point of questioning everything and it doesn’t help *sigh*. I asked my husband on Monday what we did to deserve this mess? Seriously, our Nebraska house still hasn’t closed, this is the third house we’ve tried to buy here and now it’s getting delayed like the Nebraska house. Why, why, why, WHY can’t these houses just close for us and let us get out of hotels and let us finally get settled in here?! It’s been about HALF A YEAR of us living in hotels! This is not what I wanted for our family. Our children don’t need us stressed to the max because of these situations. I know life isn’t fair and people have it worse and I feel for them, but I think I’m allowed to for once be selfish about this, right?!


This is how I’m feeling:


Please pray for us, that we get to close on this house this week. Then hopefully the Nebraska house will close too and that will finally be out of the way as well =/


Hope your week is going better…



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